Neo Classic in The Symphony Hall


2014. 8.24 Sun.​

at The Symphony Hall

Open 17:00 Start 18:00

●プラチナ券(パーティー券付)¥10,000 ●S券 ¥5,000 ●A券 ¥4,000 ●B券 ¥3,000



Neo Classic Band​

piano & vocal / Takako Ines Asahina

drums / Marty Bracey

bass / Thomas Posner


Percussion / Olu Togun



Chaconne ーThe Hell and Heaven of life Bach saw-

シャコンヌ ーバッハが見た人生の地獄と天国ー I've been working for Neo Bach recording project lately with the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan government. This is the recording in the hall with the be

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